Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Never The Twain

By Ricardo Minetti & Mara Aghem
Today’s card from the Fey Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2003), is an interesting follow-on from yesterday’s Ten of Cups.

In this version of the Lovers, we once again have two fey, a male and a female, who seem to be polar opposites.  She is lighter than air, delicate, sensual, and almost translucent, while he is earthy, solid and a bit spiky.   Yet, they come together half in his realm and half in hers - part way up a mountain, with the sky wide open around them.  Each reaches out to touch each other, and though he is right-way-up and she is upside-down, they still manage to see eye-to-eye.

For me, this raises questions about how we make our choices.  We could let ourselves be restricted by what others tell us is rational or normal or natural.  Or we can choose with our hearts, no matter how strange those choices may seem to others.

Today, I have meetings all day.  One of the things we’ll be looking at are plans for a corporate event to take place in October.  My presence was requested at said event, however it’s on the 11th of October.  Which, for those whose mind it may have slipped, is when I’ve been invited to speak at the UK Tarot Conference :)  So, although my day job may not understand my refusal to attend, I’m sticking to my guns.  I’m happy to help with the planning and preparations, but I won’t be there on the day!

I am grateful for times I can follow my heart.


  1. Interesting duo, indeed!

    There are a lot of connection/relationship cards you've been getting. Of course I know the Lovers is as much about choice as it is relationships.

    Sorry about all the meetings! I'm glad you are deciding to do your tarot conference. I think that takes priority. :)

    Yin n' Yang Hugs,

    1. Hi MM,

      Funny, I rarely see cards as "relationship" cards. And yet, connection is so important to us humans on so many levels...

      And yes, no way was I missing a chance to speak at the UK Tarot Conference :)

      Hatha Hugs,

  2. Great card! And good on you for 1) having the courage to stick to your guns and 2) having a job where you have the option to say 'No can do!' I just wish I could attend your talk. :(

    1. Bah, I really with you could, too! I went to Mysteries recently with Pepi Valderrama when she was in London, and got talking to one of the women there who was at our table last year on the Friday night. She said that she probably wasn't going this year, as she didn't like the sound of any of the speakers :( I made light of it, saying: "Oh, don't say that! I'm one of the speakers :)", but it did make my heart drop :/

    2. Awww. I'm sorry have to work and all my annual leave was spoken for before I found out you were on for the Friday. I still really want to do the Saturday, though. I guess I should book that soon!

    3. Well, I do also realise it wasn't just me she was talking about :) Please do come on the Saturday, I'll be staying for the whole thing, so we can hopefully sit together again :D