Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Stubborn Woman

By W. Crane & E. Fitzpatrick
Today's card from the Harmonious Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2005) is another Court card, this time the Queen of Coins (Pentacles).

Once again, she seems a strange mix of elemental associations.  There's a huge ram's head on the mountaintop behind her, linking her to Capricorn and the element of earth, which we might expect.  That also fits with her green and pale yellow clothes, and the rural landscape and flowers around her.  However, the fact that she wears a sunflower as a hat, and has another in her hand, seems almost more suggestive of the element of fire, though sunflowers do also grow in the earth.  As for her dress, I like the flowy green and yellow.  However, the bustier makes me laugh, looking like something Madonna wore back in the Nineties, or something Lady Gaga or Katy Perry would wear now...

In this card, then, I see someone who is determined, yet also gentle, someone both caring and passionate.  She is willing to strive for the people or things she values, and helps nurture and grow them.

Definitely see myself in this card today, in several ways.  One aspect is how the Queen of Coins takes care of family.  Today, I'm going to another doctor's appointment with Big Boy, as well as working on two other referrals for him.  Another aspect is her entrepreneurial side.  I felt that over the weekend, during the Lenormand Workshop I ran, as I handed out my first ever feedback form.  And yesterday, when I sent out my first ever mailing list (yeah, I know, baby steps).

This aspect of the Queen of Coins is also reflected in my having given another interview on the Celtic Lenormand oracle.  This one is featured in the new DePepi magazine - first edition just out yesterday (this is an affiliate link - my first time being affiliated to anything, too, lol).  The magazine also has pieces by Jera Babylon-Rootweaver of the Vintage Lenormand, Nepher Khepri of the Egyptian Lenormand, and Kendra Hurteau, who authored three different Indie Lenormands last year.  Of those, the Under the Roses has been taken on by US Games, and now she's working on the Under the Roses Tarot - can't wait!  Moving away from just Lenormand, the magazine also features an interview with an Indie musician, a moving piece by an Australian blogger, on dancing your dance, and an insight into the creative process of a fellow TABI member, Sharon Cumming, who is creating a playful new tarot deck!  There's more in there, but if all that doesn't tempt you, I'll give up trying :)

I am grateful for all the areas of growth and striving in my life.


  1. I really like this Queen. She seems well-grounded. :D

    1. Despite the sometimes unusual associations, I rather like this deck. It is cute, yet also gets me thinking :) And yes, she's a lovely, grounded Queen :D

  2. I didn't understand this queen, or any of the other mish-mashed cards in Harmonious. Glad you're enjoying your success in your business, and also to hear how you're 'takin' care of bidness' with that Big Boy of yours. x

    1. I agree the cards don't seem to necessarily have a clearly thought-through system. However, that can a) be freeing, b) make me think through my own expectations and associations. So, for me it doesn't really detract from the deck :)