Sunday, 12 May 2013

Waving Goodbye

By W. Crane & E. Fitzpatrick
Carla over at Rowan Tarot talked about how sweet this deck is.  However, I find that the Harmonious Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2005) also has some very interesting and different perspectives.

Take this version of the Chariot.  Instead of a single male figure riding away from a town towards us, we have a couple turning to wave goodbye as they head up towards a castle on a hilltop.  I also notice the little angel jockey riding one of the horses.

This seems to speak of making our way towards a situation of greater security and abundance.  In this journey, we have to let go of aspects of our past, yet we do not travel alone.  We may find a staunch friend or two by our side, and notice our path being guided by spirit.  We still choose our own road, yet it is a less lonely and perhaps less selfish perspective than that of the traditional Chariot.

What I see in this card today is my Dear One and I waving goodbye to his mother, and heading home with Big Boy in the lead.  Though she is coming to visit us, rather than vice versa, we normally walk her to the station to say goodbye.  So, I see here a reminder that this is the life I have chosen, with my partner and child.  All other plans, all other roads I could travel, must be compatible with that.  For example, whether it is running workshops or working on the Celtic Lenormand, though these are my passions, they happen within the background of my family life.  That comes first, and is always there, though these other projects may come and go.

I am grateful for the life I have chosen.


  1. This is a lovely card and I think by having a male and female in the chariot it illustrates that balance is everything if you wish to reach your goal. I love the little touch of the angel riding the horse, as you say perhaps allowing one's inner voice to guide them on to a straight and steady course.

    The colouring is so very soft in this card, the sky and the path is a pink shows that they travel forward with love to guide them, little touches of orange on the path and green growth indicate that the way forward is to be determined (orange) then growth and adaptability can be achieved (green).

    Notice she wears pink and his is a suit of greeny grey, indicating to me that it is the bringing of two opposites together in harmony that cause growth, potential and balance (grey/green) and love (pink).

    The wheels and the horses of the carriage are white, this indicates to me that it is through the process of reflection that one arrives at the truth, the right way to proceed.

    I think also on a personal level for you this card does indicate what you saw, waving goodbye with love in your hearts but knowing that the direction you must take always creates balance and love in your life.

    This is a no. 7 card and in tarot I have found that no. to represent insight, wisdom and personal growth achieved very often by confidence and reflection. It's a number that seems to ask us to look inwards and to accept our own limitations or the limitations of a situation and also by reflection to explore what we are capable of achieving - from this comes personal growth.

    Enough from me. A lovely card!

    1. Beautiful and insightful interpretation, Helen! I love when you come and share your wisdom on the cards here, seeing as you no longer have a specific tarot blog :) I especially like what you said about the man and woman representing the balance we need to reach our goal, and the numerology aspect...

    2. The deck has definitely found a true home, as I just see this card as a happily ever after. :D I suppose I could dig, but this deck makes me daydream of fairy stories and flowers and I end up just looking at pictures and making up stories. Which isn't a bad way to spend one's time. :)

    3. Ooh, now if you wrote those stories down... :)