Monday, 17 June 2013

Cold Comfort

A cold, bleak card greets us on this June morning from the Tarot of the Black Cats (Lo Scarabeo, 2013).

Here we have the Five of Cups, with a black cat on its knees, head in hands.  Around the cat, the wind blows snowflakes about an icy plain amid craggy, snow-topped stones.  In front of the cat, a flower lies wilted on the floor, and two cups have spilled black powder or liquid across the stone ground.  A third cup with black leaking from it is tipped half way over between some stones behind the cat; another treasure gone, perhaps in the past.  However, there are still two upright cups right in front of the cat, which glow as though filled with fire.

What a wonderful opportunity, something golden and warm to brighten this bleak scene.  Yet the cat doesn't see them, too bound up in the loss of the flower and the cups, too lost in the darkness of what has been spilled.  Perhaps part of the problem is that the cat feels it doesn't deserve anything good and light and joyful in its life.  Not that is ever true, we all deserve happiness, and can find it if we allow ourselves to look.

Today, I take this reminder that life is too short to live it in a pity party.  If I feel down, I will list the things I am grateful for, and look for the good in any situation.

I am grateful for a daily gratitude practice, which I believe improves my mood and my attitude.


  1. Yes, it is a cold card but there is beauty there as well. Loss is a part of life and never easy. Do we focus on what is gone or what remains. Do we focus on feeling sorry for ourselves or do we try to be optimistic. Of course we have to uncover our eyes, look up to see there is more ... there is hope ... and yes, be grateful for what we have in the moment. I like this card and prefer to see the beauty.

    1. Sounds like a good choice to me :) It's easy to get lost in the loss, but so valuable to give thanks for what remains.