Saturday, 1 June 2013

Fishy Angels!

Jolanda Tarot (AGMüller, 2008)
This week, I decided to go with a rather different deck.  Originally published as the Swedish Witch Tarot, it now goes by the name of the Jolanda Tarot (AGMüller, 2008), after its creator, who is actually called Rosie Björkman ;)  Jolanda the Third, or Jolanda den Tredje, is her magickal name/nom de plume...  The deck has Thoth influences, as well as a very different take on many cards and a whole heap of playful whimsy.

We see some of that whimsy in today's card.  This Knight of Swords, far from showing someone on a horse dashing in where angels fear to tread, instead shows an almost sedate figure.  He rides an eagle-headed chariot drawn by four little angel figures (two male, two female), with purple fishtails for hair.  His robe is black and decorated with red roses, and he wears a sunny, golden crown, as well as a frowny gold belt.  In his right hand he holds a sword, tip pointing straight upward, and in his left a sickle.  The sun shines brightly from behind him, and his chariot rides across a fluffly, cotton-ball cloud landscape.

While full of energy and determination, I see in this Knight of Swords also an awareness that we reap what we sow.  He seeks truth in word and deed, with a passion that is pure and yet hot.  He believes he is guided by spirit in what he does, and who knows, he may well be right!

Despite a slightly crusader-ish feel to him, I can't help but like this Knight of Swords.  In particular, his fish-haired angels delight me!  While we may not always follow the right path when we listen to our inner guidance, it still feels worth doing.  So, today I shall take some time to be quiet, so I can hear that voice, and then try to follow its suggestions.

I am grateful for the stillness of meditation.

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  1. This deck has always interested me. I don't have it yet. Why do you reckon the angels have fishy hair?? The woman in the Lovers card in Haindl also has hair that looks like a big fish is swallowing her head, if I recall correctly. What do you reckon it means?

    1. Well, some people (eg. Rachel Pollack) associate fish with the soul, so purple fishtails could indicate a wise soul in these little, childlike angels... :)

  2. I love those little angels! I didn't even notice they had fish tails for hair until you mentioned it. Gotta work on my powers of observation. lol!

    1. It's the kind of thing I only tend to notice when I'm blogging and take time with the card... :) They are cute angels, aren't they!