Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Grist For The Mill

Today we meet another Court card from the Tarot of the Black Cats (Lo Scarabeo, 2013), the Queen of Swords.

An elegant black cat sits on a rather scary throne, with a blackened, dead tree behind her, and sharp black rock all around her.  The throne she sits on goes from gray to steel, with dark blue cushioning, and there is a spiders web holding in a sword at the side.  Our Queen also holds a sword, which she is sharpening on a wheel driven by a little white mouse.  She also appears to have her foot on what may be a skull!  In the distance, we see a river running through low hills under cloudy grey skies, with birds flying high above.

The Queen seems very intent on her task, sharpening her wits, planning her strategy, honing her skills in communication or thought.  She seems less empathic than many Queen of Swords cards: there is less a suggestion that she tries to understand others based on her own experiences, and more a feel that she wants to be sharp and prepared for future troubles.  Which may of course be something that life's travails have taught her - be ready.

I'll need to stay sharp today, that's for sure.  I have four meetings to attend, before heading off to meet up with some friends for dinner.  The fact that it's all in Spanish will mean I get to brush up on that language, as well as communicating with people in quite different arenas.  I shall take this card as a reminder, too, to think of past situations and how they may help in the current ones.

I am grateful for lessons learned.


  1. That Queen of Swords is odd. My general dislike of cats aside, this deck holds no appeal to me. How do you find working with it? Do you like it?

    1. I do rather like it, but then I'm a huge cat fan. I find it pretty readable, and there's something I like about cards that don't have people on them, and yet still have characters. Gives it a bit of otherness and objectivity which can be really useful for seeing new perspectives, I find :)