Sunday, 9 June 2013

Horn of Plenty

What a contrast after yesterday's dark Star card!  Today, the Fairy Lights Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2013) offers us a bright and beautiful Queen of Pentacles.

A sweet, pale-haired woman wearing nothing but a diaphonous skirt, a likewise-diaphonous ribbon across her breasts, and a huge golden crown holds a horn from which flower petals flow.  She stands in the centre of what looks like a fiels of ripe corn, and little fairy lights glow around her.  The only contrast: to the right of the card it seems as though a dark cloud is encroaching.  Perhaps she is holding the day in place with her very presence, while the rest of the area is in night...

Certainly, this Queen of Pentacles seems the epitome of generosity and warmth.  And though not traditionally 'motherly' in appearance, there is an aspect of that to her abundance.  Nor is she as 'practical' as I would normally expect of this Court, yet if you're a fairy with a horn of plenty, why would you need to be practical? :)  The Queen of Pentacles always seems to find a way to make what she has available be enough, or even plenty, and she fills the space she is in with warmth.  Both of these traits are clear in this card.

As for me, the message I take from this card today is to be warm and generous in my contact with others today, be it someone in a shop or on the street, or my own Dear One (back tonight from a weekend away with friends).  And especially with Big Boy, who is still recovering from a fall at school on Friday, with a huge shiner!

I am grateful for the flow of love in the world and in my life.

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