Sunday, 16 June 2013

Juggling Angel

The Page of Pentacles is my favourite Court card, though I'll admit there are a number I like and aspire to.  And what a fascinating version of this Court card from the Tarot of the Black Cats (Lo Scarabeo, 2013)!

Our Page is a black cat, but with wings.  Crossing a huge ocean, he is suspended on a tightrope that disappears in the clouds behind him.  He is juggling coins, though two already seem to have dropped into or towards the water below.  His position is strange, leant a long way over to the side so it appears he must fall.  Yet, he has wings, so perhaps they give him the lift to maintain his strange position.

Despite the totally non-earthiness of it, this is an excellent card for the Page of Pentacles.  It shows a willingness to experiment in a physical way, playfully.  It's the card I associate with learning things like yoga, or the willingness to try a new diet or exercise regime.

I'll take this card as a reminder to try something new today, if I get the chance.  And if not, to stay playful, and connected with my body.  No ignoring the signals it sends me, whether to say I need some exercise, a rest, or healthier food...

I am grateful for a willingness to experiment.

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