Saturday, 22 June 2013

Lennie Week 8 - Freshly Squeezed Lenormand

Another Lennie Week has snuck up on us, and will feature more self-published decks.  Today, we start with the Freshly Squeezed Lenormand by Jean Hamilton-Fford, a fellow Brit.  This is an interesting, modern take on Lenormand cards, with photographic, collaged images, and verses created by Jean.

Not the cheeriest bunch of cards, these: Mice,  Dog, Letter. 

Dependable losses bring paperwork.
Email from a friend who's been hacked.
Depleted time for writing as friends are over.
Evidence of a friendship that has been tainted.
Loss of a friendship because of something written.
A letter to a friend goes missing.
Faithful writing diminishes - you stop writing a journal or some other regular thing.

For me, it's a combination of these I think: I have friends coming over, which is going to reduce the time I have for the writing I am normally faithful to.  Still, sometimes loyalty to friends takes precedence over writing a journal, though it is something that I find supportive.  Talking with friends is also helpful and enjoyable, and sometimes there just isn't time for everything.

I am grateful for a balance in different aspects of my life.

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