Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Lennie Week 8 - Japanese Lenormand

Today's deck is another from the prolific Paris Debono, and possibly my favourite so far: the Japanese Lenormand.  It combines traditional Japanese artwork with more photographic elements, and has playing card inserts with keywords.

And our draw for the day is an interesting one, with the same final card as yesterday: Dog, Garden and Moon.

Fidelity to a social group affects your reputation - for example, your boss discovering you're a member of a Tarot association.
An emotional meeting with a friend in a public place.
A social friendship is cyclical.
Fame through loyalty to public promotion - the joys of viral advertising.
A social group promotes loyalty and deep emotion - true of the Facebook page Paris runs, contact him on Facebook if you'd like to join.
A date with your life partner reminds you of the emotion that unites you.

Well, though I like the sound of that last one, my Dear One and I don't have a date night planned for tonight.  Perhaps, though, I should take this as encouragement to organise one... :D

I am grateful for the love in my life.


  1. I hope you arranged a date night! Always good to do it when you can.

    Our 11th anniversary is on Saturday and I admit I feel a bit sad that my husband is on call AND my parents are out of town and couldn't watch my daughter. BOO.

    But the good thing is I got to spend a lot more time than usual with him over the past week and a half. I'm grateful for that.

    Hugs to you--sorry I haven't been commenting as much. I've felt like utter crap the past week!


    p.s. Hope you get your package soon!

    1. Hi MM,

      Well, we're going out tonight, so that will be nice :)

      Sorry to hear your hubster has to be on call for your anniversary, that sucks! Hopefully, no-one will call him, and you guys can have a nice time together at home :D And as you say, it's good to appreciate the time you've had together lately.

      Sending healing hugs your way,
      P.S. It hasn't arrived yet, but I will definitely let you know when it does!