Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Lennie Week 8 - Lenormand de Marseilles

Here we have another of the delightful Lenormand creations of Edmund Zebrowski, and theoretically his last :(  Edmund had the idea to create a Lenormand deck that would match Marseilles style tarots, and set about making it using the layout of the Blue Owl Lenormand.  So, if in the Blue Owl a person faces a particular way, or there's a specific kind of landscape in the background, you'll find the same here, but in Marseilles-style block cut art, with an emphasis on primary colours.  There are three different versions of this deck, including a mini, so check out the options :)

On to today's cards!  Bouquet, Lady and Tree.

A charming lady looks to her health.
Intuitive creativity in a natural setting.
A woman creates something artistic and enduring. 
Cosmetic choices based on a female ancestor - I'm thinking of Lisa's wonderfully inspiring grandma Edith, but Coco Channel, as the mother of fashion, would work, too :)
A woman chooses between cosmetic beauty and physical health.

Finally having some free time after a busy couple of weeks, today I hope to start scanning and photoshopping the Celtic Lenormand images from Will.  It's a beautiful project, and one I hope will stand the test of time.

I am grateful for the chance to work on such an interesting project.

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