Sunday, 23 June 2013

Lennie Week 8 - Magickal Lenormand

On this not so sunny Sunday, we have three bright and beautiful cards from Beth Seilonen's Magickal Lenormand (2013).  The images are vibrant and clear, and each card has an additional animal associated with it, based on connections to the Goddess that Beth has made.  However, the traditional image is also very clear, and these cards are easy to read with.

Brainstorming on the Stork, the Anchor and the Ship I get:

Changes around a business venture.
Moving job to something you've always dreamed about.
Working on transforming a business venture.
Feeling transformed by a holiday on the beach.
Changes to your job require you to travel.
Working to change travel plans.
A new perspective on your life's purpose.

Hmm, not sure how much the business interpretations will resonate on a Sunday.  And, while I wish the beach holiday were my case, I'm glad I haven't suddenly been told I need to travel more. 

Instead,  I see in this draw a reminder that things change, and that I shouldn't try clinging to the safety of the known.  Sometimes we have to set off in an unexpected direction, not knowing precisely where we'll end up.

I am grateful for the encouragement to experiment.

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