Thursday, 27 June 2013

Lennie Week 8 - Tattered Nomad Oracle

Today's deck is one I've showcased before, but with kind permission from its creator, Shaheen Miro, I'm glad to be able to use it again.  The Tattered Nomad Oracle has an interesting vintage feel, and several extra cards.  The draw today, though, is pure Lenormand.

Here we have the Fish, the Coffin, and the Woman.

Financial hardship for a woman.
The flow of intuition is affected by poor health.
An exchange with a woman ends.
Having to think outside the box commercially.
Paying for something to help with female health troubles.
Receiving money from the death of a woman.
A woman dies from eating off fish.

As many people have commented, daily draws tend not to be of the earth-shattering variety.  So, I don't see a sudden windfall inheritance, nor myself dying from eating dodgy fishfingers in these cards ;)  Instead, what I see for myself is a reminder to order some female hygiene products.  I'm nearly out, and given I prefer an organic, non-bleached variety after a pre-cancerous operation a few years back, I have to order them online rather than just going to the nearest Boots.  It's one of those silly things I often forget until I actually need them, so it's a good reminder for me.

I am grateful for the reminder to plan ahead and buy online.


  1. Question: When you do a reading for someone else, how do you settle on which of these is the actual interpretation for the querent? Do you let them choose, or do you go with intuition? Presumably you don't say all these out loud but run through them in your head?

    1. Well, with a querent it would be easier, because they'd actually have a question, rather than drawing cards just because. And no, I wouldn't say them all out loud :D One thing I find when reading for a question is that having a very clear intent helps - so I decide before I draw how I'm going to read the cards. That in itself cuts down on the possibilities. But for these Card of the Day-type Lenormand draws, I like the playfullness of looking at possibilities. And it's been fun to hear how often people have heard a message that was useful or appropriate for them in one of the options that meant nothing to me on that day :)

  2. Could mean me dying from bad fish! Haha. Just kidding...I think.

    Could it mean the end of a business association for a woman?

    Several of these apply to me--actually I've gotten these cards a lot lately. :D

    But I am all for unbleached feminine products! To be honest I need to go back to doing that. I sometimes use a cloth pad or two but it's not something I always remember to do, but at least I could use unbleached. I know they have them at the health food store. Sometimes I get lazy, though...

    I'm expecting Aunt Flow any day now...

    TMI, sorry.

    Absorbent hugs,

    1. I'm sorry, this was probably quite poorly timed with your food-poisoning :( Good luck getting up the energy to go to the health food store, and glad you're feeling better now!