Monday, 3 June 2013


After the strangeness of yesterday's weight-lifting bull, I rather like the mainly calm image offered here in the Four of Swords from the the Jolanda Tarot (AGMüller, 2008).

A white-bearded man sits in lotus pose and with his hands in namasté, levitating off the cold ground beneath him.  In the sky above are a crescent moon and a single golden star, while directly above him is a star-spangled canopy under a blue and gold onion dome.  The canopy seems to be held up by the eponymous four swords.  The grips and pommels on the front two swords are designed like cats, with the one on the left looking as peaceful as the meditating man, and the one on the right looking rather shocked ;)  In the background are a number of mountains, and the cold of the scene is highlighted by the icicles dangling from the levitating yogi's legs :o

The cold of this card reminds me of the rune Isa, a rune of ice, and the stillness of winter.  This stillness gives us time to look inward, to develop patience and concentration, which I certainly see in this levitating yogi!  In terms of the Thoth influences of this card, it is normally called Truce.  A truce, perhaps, between the demands of the everyday and our spiritual needs, or just the need to have some time for and with ourselves.

I often find my morning meditation sets me up for the day, a time to fix an intent which helps me be productive later on.  Certainly, I hope that will be the case today.  Yesterday, my Dear One asked me how much I have left to do for the Celtic Lenormand companion book, and so I took the time to assess where I am.  Still a long way to go!  I hope, though, that having the images before me will make it easier to focus...

I am grateful for meditation: a good start to my day.

And perhaps in a moment of peace you'll be inspired to write a poem or a comment for either the TABI competition to win a mini Under the Roses Lenormand (details here) or the Tarot x Lenormand Giveaway brewing all over the interwebs, find out about it here!


  1. This deck is so groovy. Hehee. I like using it on My Divination, but don't yet own it. :)

    The 4 of Swords is one of the most helpful cards I've gotten. You have no idea how many times I've been reading tarot late and I get this card which signals to me, 'GO TO SLEEP!' Haha.

    Of course, meditation is also a very valid interpretation. For me sleep has been the more common interpretation, but I think that meditation is also something I would benefit from.

    Wishing you a swell week,

    1. Aren't we lucky that My Divination exists ;D

      I know what you mean, often when I'm feeling tired I think, oh, I could just do a little reading. Most often, though, it's best to simply head for bed :)

      Wishing you a wonderful week, too!