Friday, 21 June 2013

Lone Explorer

It’s Friday, and so our last day with the Tarot of the Black Cats (Lo Scarabeo, 2013).  And to round things off, we have another Major: the Hermit.

This feels like a far more adventurous and daring card than we might expect from the Hermit.  A black cat rides in a tiny boat, barely big enough for himself and a small sack of belongings.  His tail drops out of the back of the boat, as though acting as a rudder to help him steer.  Certainly, that seems to be the only action he is taking to affect his destiny, as his oars lie unused.  Instead, the Hermit holds a candle high, though its light is dwarfed by the brightness ahead of him.  He simply allows the golden waters beneath him to draw him forward towards the light.

It’s interesting, as Hermit cards almost always show someone with a light, illuminating the space around them, offering a beacon for others.  Yet here, the suggestion is that his flame is minute in comparison to the light towards which he moves.  His knowledge, though illuminating, is small and so he strives for more, for a connection with an understanding of everything, or maybe for a sense of being at one with spirit.  The sense of solitariness is similar to other Hermit cards, yet the sense of seeking answers seems focused more externally than I would normally expect.  Or perhaps this is simply a metaphor: he is floating on the river of life, and looking for answers, which he will find in his own responses to what he comes across in his explorations.

As for today, I won’t be spending much time alone.  My mum is coming for a visit this afternoon, and then my Dear One and I are having dinner with a friend.  However, this card is a reminder that self-study and learning are not limited to meditation or books.  They can be found by staying mindful of what is going on within ourselves throughout our daily lives.

I am grateful for the reminder to be mindful.


  1. I've really enjoyed this week of black cats. The cards are not what I expected. There is something almost demonic about those cats, do you know what I mean? But I love the colouring of the illustrations; the blue/blacks etc. They look magical.

    1. Ack, sorry I've taken so long to respond, PLN! Yes, I was expecting something cuter, too, in terms of content. The images are bright, but not sweet, if you see what I mean :)