Thursday, 13 June 2013

Riding High

On this Thursday, the Fairy Lights Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2013) offers us its version of the Chariot.

This card feels very elemental to me.  There's the fiery flow of brown and white at the bottom, then a wave of blue crashing into white spume, and then some airborn glowing creatures which seem to draw the Chariot itself.  Earth is the least present, but is seen in some green between the fire below and the water above.

As for our charioteer, he rides the waves of life with bravado and confidence.  His perch looks somewhat precarious, his Chariot only having two wheels.  And he's being pulled along by two floating orange balls shooting out lightbeams, which seem to be trying to head off at an angle from each other, held in only by the light reins the charioteer holds.  Harnessing all that elemental energy can be no easy task, but what a ride!

The main thing I need to harness today is my own energy.  Been feeling pretty tired, and it's been a rather hectic week.  Still, I need to get a fair bit done before next week, when I have another business trip.  So, a reminder here to keep my goals in sight, and not get distracted by Facebook or Instagram ;)

I am grateful for lists to keep me on track.

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