Thursday, 6 June 2013

Sowing the Seeds

As soon as I saw today's card from the Jolanda Tarot (AGMüller, 2008), I thought of the old Tears for Fears song "Sowing the Seeds of Love", which rather dates me!

This is such a lovely, peaceful Knight of Pentacles.  He rides a cart pulled by a bull across a plowed field, scattering stars/pentacles as the goes.  He also wears a bull helmet, and holds what looks like an inverted Venus symbol, while right-side-up ones decorate the front of his cart.  Above him, three white geese fly off to the left, and some little stone people are walking across the field to the left in front of him.

Plenty of symbolism, both astrological, esoteric, and just plain weird, here again.  What I mainly notice is that the Knight is putting in the work to sow his dreams.  He knows it'll take some time before the fresh-plowed field starts to sprout, and longer yet for the harvest to ripen.  Still, he looks in no hurry, enjoying the task at hand.

I can certainly get with that energy.  Yesterday ended up being quite a nice day off, as we took care of Big Boy, did some shopping, went for a walk on the Heath, and played at building crazy cars to race and crash.  Not much work got done though!  So, I hope to make up for some of that today.  After having printed a prototype copy of the Celtic Lenormand deck, I'm eager to do some more readings, focus on the cards, and work on the companion book...

I am grateful that Big Boy seems well enough to go back to school.


  1. Hooray!! Yay for a day off and Big Boy getting better. :)

    1. Well, because I like a lot of what I do (and still had to do the bits I don't like so much) I'm not sure I'd say yay for a day off. Still, I'm definitely glad BB is back at school today! :)

  2. That really cheered me this morning, to see your printed out deck. What a great thing. Looks wonderful. When I printed out my Fragments deck and had it sitting there, it was such a unique feeling. To know that you birthed it and it is ready for use. It looks beautiful and I am sure will be a great companion to The Druidcraft for many people. It looks as though ti has more of that style than The Wildwood.

    Really excited for you!

    1. Hi PLN,

      Yes, I think you're right that this will meld better with the DruidCraft than the Wildwood. And yes, it's an amazing feeling, seeing the cards and then getting to use them :D I've been really moved by every reading I've done so far!

      Do you still use the Fragments, or are you more focused on your new deck, now?

    2. Yes, I do. I think it is probably one of my favourites because I know why everything is there and I chose each person in it with a lot of care.

      Unfortunately, the other deck is still on the back burner, as projects like the bags have taken up so much time and Kate and I have not been able to get down to working on it - not finding models has been a strain too. But I will get back to it. I have the 'spirit to complete things' these days :)

    3. Yes, I can well picture that - you are totally bonded with the deck, like a good and well-known friend.

      Well, it's nice to have a project that you know you can come back to, and the bags have been great for giving you a direction to move towards for your own business (plus they're lovely!)

  3. Congrats on all fronts!

    Even though progress feels very slow sometimes (knight of pentacles) it comes surely with hard work, and you've put a lot of work into things.

    Hugs to you and a happy end of the week,

    1. Thanks, MM. This card is a reminder, too, that things always take longer than I think they will - oy ve!

      Weekend hugs to you, too,