Sunday, 7 July 2013


Wow, another Page comes out to play today from the Osho Zen Tarot (St. Martins Press, 1995).

Here we have the Page of Rainbows (Pentacles).  A little girl in a blue dress walks down a forest path, cresting a rise to wander into a wondrous rainbow. 

As with the Page of Fire, there's a definite feeling of magic and potential to this card.  The Page of Rainbows is off on an adventure, exploring the world around her with all its secrets and delights. 

Hopefully, we'll have a little more time to explore our environs today, before heading back home.  Even a walk in the park can be an adventure, if you open your eyes to the marvels of flowers and insects and the play of sunshine through leaves.

I am grateful for the reminder to drink in the beauty of nature.


  1. I really like my Osho deck and it's a useful one to lay cards along side a traditional card reading so you get the practical and the spiritual emphasised.

    This Page seems to know doesn't she, that nothing ventured nothing gained. Life is to be explored if we are to grow - just look at all that green that forms the archway for her, indicating that this is the way to expansion, growth and adaptability it's an archway of potential! Look how the yellow is more predominant in the colours signifying the positive mental activity and awareness that is taking place. A splash of orange shows us the determination along with confidence and creativity that spurs the child forwards. A single ray of light blue indicates the spiritual process and pink the self love that contained within.

    Look at the colours of the ground behind her, she has had to walk through these to get where she is, blue, for reflection, purple the wisdom gained through the reflection and yellow the awareness that comes from this knowledge.

    This Page seems to say to me, life is an adventure, but you have to be brave enough to take those first steps - knowing you should is not enough, doing is what counts.

    Enough of my waffle. Nice to see you showcasing this lovely deck.

    1. What a beautiful interpretation of the colours, Helen! Thank you so much for adding your perspective, which I always enjoy :) Funny, I don't tend to think of this Page as being brave, but then I have been known to jump feet first into doing new things, so I guess that's not so much of an issue for me ;D

  2. Rainbows are a little airy for the earth suit, but of all the suits in the Osho Zen, it was my favourite anyway. That is until I decided the whole deck was making me OCD and giving me a nervous breakdown! :D

    1. Well, you sorted it out your own way, so "no harm, no foul" right ;) I agree about rainbows being a little airy for the earth suit, but it's just a word. The cards themselves are plenty earthy, I find...