Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Balance or Burn?

Today, we have a card from the suit of Branches (Wands) in the Animal Wisdom Tarot (CICO Books, 2013).

While suitably fiery for the most common elemental association to this suit, the card is still rather unusual.  It features a yellow salamander with its foot on a branch, and another branch just behind it.  The thicker ends of the branches feature yin-yang signs, and flames or brown leaves sprout from the ends of the twigs.  The salamander is in a small valley between two low hills, with what appears to be a line of fire between it and the sea.  And the sun is either rising or setting in the still waters on the horizon.

It's funny, the yin yang signs on the branches make me think of the balance of the Two of Pentacles.  Still, the proprietary foot on one branch is suggestive of making a choice.  And standing between the two branches says that the salamander could have gone either way.  So, there is definitely material here for a traditional Two of Wands interpretation.

There's something, too, about the salamander itself, so often associated with the element of fire.  For example, it is found on the clothes of the RWS Wands court.  On that basis, the salamander could well have been the Ace of its suit, rather than the Two.  It's interesting, as well, to have so much water in a fire card, though balanced by the sun, the salamander and the line of fire.  At an intuitive level, it speaks to me of the deep emotion underlying more superficial passion, be it for an idea, a cause or a project.  Perhaps that is the deciding factor in the balance of the Two of Branches' choices...

I think for me, today is less about absolute choices than about decisions in the moment.  There are several different things I need to work on.  And though I'd love to just focus on the Celtic Lenormand, some of the other bits will have to take priority.  Like chasing medical supplies and appointments for Big Boy, as well as some admin work for my day job.

I am grateful that I do not have to make a single choice.

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