Monday, 15 July 2013

Big Beaky Bird

Carla from Rowan Tarot commented on Saturday about the surprise of having the icy polar bear associated to the watery Shells/Cups suit.  In the same way, today we have the Six of Feathers (Swords) showing a pelican swimming out in the middle of the ocean - pretty watery for the suit normally associated with Air!  I'm not quite sure how the animal choices were made in the Animal Wisdom Tarot (CICO Books, 2013).  I think it's more based on the individual creature's characteristics, rather than on a suit/element basis...

So, what to make of this Six of Feathers?  A pelican swims in the ocean, with six feathers floating around it in the water, and a tree-lined stretch of land visible in the distance.  Surprisingly, a fish appears to be jumping into the pelican's beak - good for the pelican, not so good for the fish!

Has the pelican lost those feathers in a fight, hence needing to build its strength up again with a little snack while it paddles away from the battleground?  That would certainly seem to fit with traditional ideas about the Six of Swords.  However, this card also seems very open to more intuitive, less traditional, interpretations.  For instance, it could be taken as a message to take the gifts offered by life, to seek nourishment wherever we find ourselves, or even that today is a day for a piece of our soul that we had felt lost to find its way back to us...

I don't resonate with any of the traditional interpretations of this card today.  My day looks set to involve some work, and meeting up with a school friend I haven't seen in over two decades, but nothing there shrieks "moving to calmer waters".  Instead, perhaps this is about refinding a part of myself I wasn't even aware I had lost, by talking with someone who I have known for so long, yet not really known for longer than I ever knew him (if you see what I mean).  Perhaps I will refind something that I dropped along the way over the last two decades, and feel nourished by it...

I am grateful for Facebook, which helped me reconnect with this long-lost friend.


  1. Chloë, you are doing that "enabling thing" again. Remember -- we agreed you wouldn't do that anymore. Oh wait... we didn't agree on that, did we? Too late anyway! I just ordered this deck!

    1. Hee hee, Zanna! Sorry, no way I can agree not to do any more enabling. Not that it's my intention, but I'm constantly being enabled myself. So many lovely decks in the world... :)

    2. That's okay. You are forgiven. See how generous I am? LOL!

    3. Most magnanimous of you, Zanna :D