Thursday, 18 July 2013

Calm Cat

What a very different Eight of Wands to last week's version from the Osho Zen Tarot.  Here, in the Animal Wisdom Tarot (CICO Books, 2013), we meet Jaguar.

Once again, though, rapid movement is not as apparent as it might be in the Eight of Branches/Wands.  The jaguar, with a purple hue to its coat, stands calmly, looking off to the right.  I might rather have expected it to be caught in motion, running with that fluid grace that big cats have.  Above it are eight thin branches, with flames at their tips, all pointing to the left.  In amongst them shines a waning moon, and below it floats a blue lemniscate. 

In that way, the image is reminiscent of traditional Strength cards.  It's interesting to think about the similarities between these two cards.  Following RWS numbering, both are numerologically eights.  While Strength is often about balancing our animal instincts and more rational aspects, traditionally the Eight of Wands is full of forward momentum.  Perhaps, though, the author here wanted to suggest that we move forward most powerfully when we do so with precision and calm, rather than just with haste.  That we should balance our intuition with our drive, to maximise our potential to reach our goal...

I have to say, I could probably do with a bit of the Jaguar's calm today.  I have an extremely busy day, running around all over the place and meeting six or seven people.  Mostly stuff for Big Boy, teachers, therapists, nurses...  Hopefully, though, these meetings will get things moving on various fronts, so that's another nod to the Eight of Wands :)

I am grateful for calmness in the heart of motion.

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