Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Lennie Week 9 - Alice in Wonderland

Today's deck is another we've seen before (yep, even my collection isn't unending)!  This is the charming, collage Alice in Wonderland Lenormand from the prolific Pepi Valderrama.  Pepi is soon to release another deck, the Whimsy Lenormand, which will definitely be added to my collection!

Anyhow, back to the Alice and today's cards: Woman, Stork, Ship.

A woman faces sea changes to her business.
A woman moves overseas.
Changeable intuition due to nostalgia or daydreaming.
A pregnant woman brings nostalgia - this could be seen as Kate Middleton's hospitalisation leading to a media retrospective on her, and the Prince's own birth.  They're sure to throw Diana in there, somewhere, too ;)
A progressive woman is involved in a business venture.

I'm hoping I can make some progress today on my own project that I hope to send overseas: the Celtic Lenormand.  I finished scanning all the images on Saturday, after a number of false starts, mistakes and reassessments (I blame mercury retrograde).  Today, I hope to send a couple of provisional cards to US Games to get their feedback on whether or not going borderless is feasible. 

I am grateful for being on track to meet my deadline :)

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