Sunday, 21 July 2013

Lennie Week 9 - Lenormand de Marseilles Mini

Last Lennie Week I showcased Edmund Zebrowski's charming take on a Lenormand to match  Marseilles-style tarots.  Today, we see the cute, mini version of this deck.  Compared to the full-size, illuminated edition, these cards are much smaller, and only have hints of colour within mainly black-and-white images.  The numbering is also in Arabic numerals rather than Roman, and the titles are in English rather than French.

Our cards for the day are: Key, Bouquet, Moon. 

A beautiful insight into an emotional situation.
The key to creativity is to tap into your emotions.
A guarantee of fame and beauty - can't see this one happening!
The answer is to express your emotions in a pleasing way - I could see that.  As they say, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar ;)

While I'd love to dig into my emotions to access my creativity, I don't think that will happen today, as it's family day.  Instead, the suggestion to try to put my emotions into words in a way that is pleasing to the other person involved sounds like it's probably a good idea.  It's meant to be quite hot again today, which can lead to frayed tempers.  Keeping things civil certainly seems like a plan.

I am grateful for the reminder that my emotions can be expressed, rather than exploding.

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