Monday, 22 July 2013

Lennie Week 9 - Magickal Lenormand

This is once again one of Beth Seilonen's beautiful decks: the Magickal Lenormand, which we also saw last Lennie Week.  Still, it certainly bears viewing again, as every time I use it, I see more in the cards.  They are really lovely!  Each card has a creature on it, to represent some of the main aspects of the card, and the ones for today's cards are certainly well-chosen.

Here we have House, Rider and Fish.  The House card has a snail on it, it's shell a home that travels with it at all times.  The Rider shows a corvid, messenger of spirit.  And the Fish shows, well, more fish :D

Brainstorming on these gives me:

Messages from home about money.
News about house prices.
A large quantity of information about a house.
A home gym costs money.
Working out at home brings a feeling of flow.

Obviously, the last of these chimes most with me, given I work out at home most days :)  I love the freedom to choose what I want to do and when I want to do it.  Plus the recent studies that say that working out in front of mirrors is depressing even for fit, slim people!

I am grateful for the enthusiasm to work out at home.

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