Saturday, 20 July 2013

Lennie Week 9 - Something Blue

And now, the time has come for another Lennie Week :) To get us off to a good start, here is a deck I was lucky enough to win!  And how, you might ask, did I win this deck?  No talent involved, I'll admit.  I simply followed a link from a newsletter sent by the author, Lynn Boyle, to her newly set up Facebook page.  By chance, I happened to be the 100th person to join, and so won the right to pick out one of her many decks.  I already had the Byron Bay Beach Lenormand, and this one likewise caught my eye.  All the images are photographic, with blue in some form as the base or main colour, hence the name, the Something Blue Lenormand.  Still, even within that, there is a lovely variety, as can be seen in today's draw.

Here we have: Tower, Paths, Dog. 

Decisive security for a friend.
Choosing between security and loyalty.
Deciding between an institution or a friendship.
An organisation involved with roads proves trustworthy.

The choice between loyalty and security resonates with me today.  That's been an ongoing issue for a few weeks, and has also raised its head today quite specifically.  Overall, I tend to the side of loyalty, but often at the cost of my own security, which I'm not sure is the right choice.  Don't worry, I don't do anything actually dangerous, but I've certainly been favouring others over my own needs.  I'll try to take some time today to think about this balance, and maybe make some changes.

I am grateful for the reminder that I matter, too.

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