Friday, 26 July 2013

Lennie Week 9 - Tasmanian Lenormand

We end the week as we started it, with another photographic deck from Lynn Boyle.  As I mentioned last Saturday, as well as having created quite a lot of decks, Lynn also runs a friendly Facebook page devoted to all things divinatory, why not check it out :)

Returning to the cards, today I'm drawing from the recently released Tasmanian Lenormand (2013).  The cards I pulled are: Fish, Snake, Lilies.

In terms of a job, this could be a combo for a hooker - the "other woman" (Snake) who takes money (Fish) for sex (Lilies) :)

On a more practical level, riffing on these cards gives me the following:

Boundaries around money provide a sense of peace.
Some biting give-and-take in a sexual relationship - some people find passion in 'arguing'.
The smart money is found with the elderly - the power of the Silver Surfer buck ;)
Intelligent flow brings harmony.
Spending money on cables guarantees serenity - this is one for my step-dad, who's a total cable freak :D

Hmm, what chimes with me most is actually the idea of spending money intelligently to bring some serenity.  Sometimes, it's worth paying a bit extra, if you know the quality will be better.  On the other hand, the first, about boundaries, suggests budgeting carefully, too.  Combining both, I see a need to figure out what I can spend, then spend it on the best quality product or service I can find.  Yep, that sounds like a plan!

I am grateful for the money to buy things I want and need, for myself and my family.


  1. Thanks for that review & photo Chloe. The address for the Discussion & Study Group on facebook is (Prophecy Corner). (thanks again, Lynn Boyle)

    1. You're welcome, Lynn. And the link to the group is in the post, too, ready to clickety click ;)