Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Lennie Week 9 - Under the Roses Mini

Today's deck is another cute mini :) This time, it is the pared back mini version of the Under the Roses Lenormand, the full-size version of which is due to be released by US Games later this year.  I'm delighted to see this gorgeous deck become accessible to a wider audience, as I think it's beautiful and reads really well :)

So, let's take a look at today's cards.  We have Bear, Whip and Stars, which gives me:

Bad eating habits require guidance.
Discussions about management bring a new plan.
Arguments with or about a mother bring greater clarity.
A mentor whips you into shape with their scientific guidance.

The first and last feel like they could even go together: bad eating requires guidance, which you get from a strict routine from a scientifically-based guide :)

As for me, today I see quite a different message: one of having to marshal my arguments (Whips) with strength (Bear) and clarity (Stars), because of a repeated challenge (Whips) to my mothering instinct (Bear) from a scientist (Stars).  It's time for another hospital visit for Big Boy, to discuss a possible operation in a couple of months time.  This particular doctor hasn't been very helpful in the past, but you get who you get with the NHS...  Still, at least we do get someone, for free, and in a reasonable period of time!

I am grateful for the doctors who are available to my son.


  1. You and your son are in my thoughts, Chloe. Thanks for introducing me to this deck (and the others by this artist).

    1. Thank you, Zanna, I appreciate that! And you're welcome, I love their decks - such fun. They're just bringing out a new one, opened for pre-orders today, called the Lenormand Silhouettes, if you're interested ;)