Thursday, 11 July 2013

Letting Go

I love the beautiful simplicity of today’s card from the Osho Zen Tarot (St. Martins Press, 1995).

We see a pond, full of green waterlily leaves.  One rises up in the foreground, dotted with dew or raindrops, though if it was rain, it has passed.  The pool is still except for a circle of waves from where a single drop has plummeted from the leaf into the water directly beneath it.  Another drop hangs, ready to let go and join its companion in the deeps.

It can be scary to leave the known, to plunge into something new.  This is especially so when we have little idea of what to expect, when we can’t see what awaits us.  And yet, we cannot cling forever to the situation we are currently in.  Sometimes, we realise the moment has come to move on, to take the emotional chance that where we are headed is where we need to be, at least for the next moment.

Today, I find out whether one of my ideas is feasible or not.  I'm wondering if this card will be the answer: that I'll have to let go of my hope.  Or maybe just let go of the idea that it could be easy.  It could also be about the emotional release of seeing both my therapist and our family therapist - every session holds the potential to plunge us into new emotional realms...

I am grateful for the depths of my emotions.  Good or bad, at least I can feel.


  1. Oh, this is a great card! One of my favorite visuals. Here is to letting go of all that don't serve us, and moving on, unburdened (or less heavy)...


    1. I think that's a great comment, MM. We may not be able to release all our burdens, but we can at least feel a little lighter :)