Sunday, 14 July 2013

Omen of Death

It's strange, I find the title 'Omen of Death' almost more chilling than just Death.  Perhaps because I've become used to Death and its tarot associations.  In any case, Major XIII from the Animal Wisdom Tarot (CICO Books, 2013) is dedicated to the Moth.

A full moon with a strange vortex within and around it shines from the centre top of the card.  Below it, leaving behind the grasp of shadow-fingered branches, a moth flies upward.  Its wings are delicately patterned in pinks, mauves and white, and on its body is a grinning skull!

There's something in the image for me about clinging to ideas that are no good for us, like the moth's idea that it could reach the moon, which leads so many to burn up against lightbulbs.  And the juxtaposition of Death and the moth also makes me think of the creepy collections so many Victorians made of moths and butterflies, gassed and pinned to sheets of card :(

On a more positive note, if we can recognise the "omen of death", if we can acknowledge a loss or ending, we are better placed to grieve it.  And from there, we can eventually let it go.

Today sees my Dear One leaving on a five day survival course.  I'll admit, I'm a little nervous about it.  Still, I'm sure it will do him the world of good to get away for a bit.  And I have a weekend trip to visit my friends in Spain planned for the end of August, so turnabout is fair play...  So, I shall try to let him go with good grace, and also release my fears about what I'll do if Big Boy gets ill while he's away.  And I'll grieve not seeing him, too, I guess, as it'll be the longest we've been apart since early 2005!

I am grateful for a loving man to share my path with.


  1. This card reminds me of the movie poster for Silence of the Lambs.

    It will do you the world of good to be away from your Dear One for a bit. It's important for you each to have some space. :)

    1. Ha, yet another film I haven't seen ;)

      And yes, I'm a fan of each of us having our own space. I'm mainly just a bit nervous about coping with Big Boy without him for so long...

  2. Oh--this looks familiar! Haha. Yes, good ole Death!

    I admit the title is a bit ominous but I don't think the card really is. I think it was a pretty weird thing to do to us poor soothsayers! ;)

    Hugs to you,

    1. It's true, I remember your post on this card :)

      Sometimes I think they changed some of the titles just because they'd changed others, rather than for a specific reason...

      Hugs back atcha :D