Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Sad Bird

Today's card from the Animal Wisdom Tarot (CICO Books, 2013) has a lot more of tradition to it than many others in this deck.

In this version of the Three of Feathers (Swords), we see three little birds.  They have black heads and backs, white bellies, and red hearts upon their breasts.  The hearts look very stylised, so I had to google the Grosbeak to see if they really look like that, which they kind of do.  They don't have the little white edging to highlight the heart shape, but otherwise the rose-breasted grosbeak does look like this.

Two of the birds stand on dark branches with little pink flowers, while the third is on the floor between them.  Tracing around the birds, then,  would create a heart shape.  Above the three birds are three crossed feathers, which seem strangely untouched by the rain pouring down from the cloudy sky above. 

All told, there is plenty of traditional symbolism here: the heart shapes, the three crossed feathers/swords, the rain and clouds.  Interpretations of heartache, sorrow, and thoughts at cross-purposes causing pain can all be read from this.  However, as with other cards in this deck, alternative intuitive readings are also possible.  Pain due to wearing your heart on your sleeve is one that jumps out at me.  So, too, is the possibility of arguments: dark words and thoughts crossing like the feathers over the birds' heads.

For myself, I see a message of potential painful thoughts and words, but also the suggestion that, by being aware of this I can try to avoid them. Today, I will make a conscious effort not to get caught up in  some difficult emotions I've been dealing with for a few weeks.

I am grateful for the awareness to recognise my triggers.


  1. Ouch...sorry about the stress. Here's wishing for emotional healing, which this current grand trine in water is very good for.


    1. Well, when I talked of avoiding them, in some ways I mean that quite literally. I'm going out with a friend to get away from it all for a bit :) Still, maybe I need to resolve it, rather than hide from it, as suggested by your watery trine...


  2. I love this card because we always get rose-breasted grosbeaks in the garden, and while browsing the deck last week, I came upon it with gladness.

    Ah dear, you're in one of THOSE periods--so hard to get through them. I enjoyed your interpretation of this card--nice to run with the straight visual in cards--very freeing.

    1. That's lovely! Whereas, I had to google these birds just to check if they were for real :D

      Yep, things have been a bit complicated of late. But, with the prod from the cards, I did really well yesterday, so yay Animal Wisdom :)