Monday, 1 July 2013

To Build A House

Wow, we're really having a slew of Pentacles cards with the Dream Raven Tarot (Schiffer, 2013).

Today, it's the turn of the Three of Pentacles.  A lilac and pink raven once again stands on a fence post, or maybe it's just a tree stump, as we can't see any other posts nor a fence between then.  Our raven holds what looks to be the plans for a basic house or kennel structure in one claw.  S/he (the colouring tempts me to say female, but that's such a human perception, as amongst birds the males tend to be more colourful) has an orange and yellow flower on hir chest.  Vines trail down from it, and also twine around from the edge of hir eye to hir chest.  S/he has one pentacle under hir lower wing, one on the elbow of hir upper wing, and one just above hir beak, at the third eye.

The interpretation of team work is not really apparent in this card, as it is in so many Three of Pentacles images.  We might intuit it into the picture, based on the plans in our raven's claw, which couldn't be drawn by a bird.  Or we could simply see that the three pentacles all require a different kind of work to keep them in their place.

At a more intuitive level, I see someone who gives generously of their creativity, expressing their love through what they compose and bring into being.  This is done in part through an openness to spirit, to the source of creativity within them and around them.

Ah, that plan in hir claw!  I wrote a plan on Friday that I haven't made a start on yet.  So, today's the day to get down to things, and tick some stuff off my list.

I am grateful for Big Boy going to school.

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