Monday, 26 August 2013


Well, this is an unusual depiction of the Eight of Wands from the Gypsy Palace Tarot (Nora Huszka, 2013).

Not only are there not Eight Wands in the image, there is also no sense of movement or haste.  Instead, we have a woman in a yellow dress adopting an almost acrobatic pose.  Her chest is draped over what looks like a pile of soft pillows in lush colours.  Meanwhile, her legs are supported by another female figure who is blue and star-spangled, even to the point of having stars for eyes.  The main figure's big toe is supported on a tiny ladder, the legs of which dig painfully into the blue woman's foot.  There is also a blue wolf wrapped around the main figure's head and shoulders.  Altogether, she doesn't look like she's going anywhere!

There is a lot going on around her, and maybe that's where interpretations of being busy might come in.  Overall, though, if I read this intuitively I'd be more likely to see someone finding balance under trying circumstances, or gaining ideas and direction from their dreams (as the blue figure makes me think of Nut, Goddess of the night sky and the creative void).

I can see myself in this figure today: a balance of lounging around, and yet also feeling myself at a precarious tipping point.  While I really want to get on and finish up a work project that is 99.9% done, today is Bank Holiday Monday.  So, although I may fit in a few sneaky paragraphs, the main part of the day is to be dedicated to a play date with Big Boy's best friend from school.  It'll be the first time they've met outside the classroom, and also a chance for my Dear One and I to get to know some other parents.

I am grateful for some more enforced rest time.


  1. Dear Chloe! I am happy this image found You, so unusual and vibrant!
    For me this image refers to the situation when 'something is in the air' but you are still not exactly sure what... The girl in the yellow dress doesn't seem to completely realize it, but the energies around her are working, flowing actively. The wolf, the blues starry character are all carrying her somewhere but this fragile position is not holding her long, the change is coming, it's on the way- whatever it will be!
    Sometimes you think you just have a rest and don't do anything- well, it is possible that you just don't notice that the change already started around You! Surprise, surprise!
    This card always fills me up with excitement.

    1. Hi Nora,
      Thanks for that, it's great to hear the thoughts behind the cards. That makes a lot of sense to me - that the energies around her are actively moving, even if she's still up in the air :)