Saturday, 3 August 2013

Bastard Magician

I'm not being rude with that title!  Rather, this week I will be drawing from a self-published deck called the Deck of the Bastard (Tarot by Seven, 2013).  The deck's concept is one of creating a mongrel deck with an antique feel.  So, the Majors are from a number of tarot and oracle decks, the Courts are Visconti-Sforza style (though taken largely from Etteila's Grand Jeu du Oracle des Dames), the Aces are rather reminiscent of the Marseilles-style, and the pips are aged versions of the RWS.  When I first got the deck, I was slightly disappointed with the pips, I hadn't realised they were simply recoloured RWS.  However, after last week's somewhat challenging-to-interpret Fire Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2011), it feels quite restful. 

On a side note, you can customise this deck (and in fact all Elaine's decks and some of her other esoteric goodies: journals, spirit boards and the like), both the backs and the titles.  I chose to go for no titles at all, and like the clean simplicity of it.

On to today's card, and this is a rather nice way to start the week: with a wise-looking Magician.  An old man with a grey beard and a slightly crumpled, green, pointy hat stands at a table holding a wand.  His robes are the same green as his hat, his cloak is red, and he wears yellow shoes.  The table is covered by a green cloth, with a selection of esoteric symbols on it.  It also holds what looks to me like a figurine, perhaps of the Magician, in a red, hooded cloak.

Although there is no cup, sword or pentacle in sight, there is still a clear connection between the Magician and the ability to manipulate the world and manifest his will.  Yet, the Magician doesn't seem showy or power hungry.  He has a gentle and benign air to him.

This card reminds me that it can take time to develop the skills we need to create what we want.  It says, too, that we should apply those skills not merely on a whim, but with thought for others and for the consequences of our actions.

Today, I plan to put my somewhat meagre Photoshop skills to work, to finish editing the images for the Celtic Lenormand.  I'm glad I took classes months ago, and that I've had  the chance to practice on a couple of projects since.  Hopefully, I'll be finishing up and sending both book and deck to US Games later this week.

I am grateful for the energy to bring this project to completion.


  1. Oh! I was going to do Deck of the Bastard this week, but I'll do Fairy Lights instead. :) x

    1. Well, you have done it before ;) Am loving your Fairy Lights pairs!