Friday, 30 August 2013

Bullet To The Heart

Yikes, what a card to end our week with the Gypsy Palace Tarot (Nora Huszka, 2013)!

For once, we have a quite traditional image for this Three of Swords.  A man stands with a sharp blade piercing his chest, a heart resting on its tip.  He throws an arm up over his head, as though to ward off the pain.  Behind him, there is an owl in a crescent moon.  Even his robe is decorated with upside-down hearts, to remind us that this card is about heartache.

I like his pose, with his arm over his head.  It's a good reminder that, as a Swords card, this is more about our thoughts than simply emotions.  It is his perception and understanding of the situation that causes him pain, rather than the emotions themselves.  It could even be his worries about what is to come, a preemptive pain that may not happen.

Certainly, as I wait for some news this afternoon, I shall try to take this card as a warning not to let my thoughts get ahead of my emotions.  Instead, I shall try to trust my intuition, hope for the best, and know that, whatever the outcome, I'll deal with it.

I am grateful for the reminder to trust my intuition rather than my fears.


  1. Yikes indeed. I admire your positive spin on this card, and hope you get the best news possible. x

    1. I should really have pulled the Nine of Swords, as insomnia plagued me with my worries. Ah well, not long to go now. Thanks for the good wishes :) Cx

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot, Ellen! My fingers are crossed, too :)

  3. Hugs... Waiting is always hard!

    Hope you have a less stressful weekend!