Saturday, 24 August 2013

Colourful Knight

This week, it's back to tarot, and a recently self-published deck: the Gypsy Palace Tarot by Nora Huszka (self-published, 2013).  This was a crowd-funded project, and is an interesting one, full of bright colours, and with titles in four languages: English, German, Spanish and Hungarian!

One thing about this deck is, it has amazing colours!  Take this Knight of Pentacles, with his multi-coloured coat in hues of blue, green and purple.  He also has a bright, fuchsia shirt, yellow trousers, and red boots with red and yellow scarves on them. He seems to emerge from a cloud of blue, while in front of him red and purple patterned fabric flows out into a green field.  The sun is a fiery ball of yellow and orange rings glowing behind his head.

The colours here are a lot less earthy than you might expect for the suit of Pentacles.  Yet, there is definitely a lushness to the image, and a sense of being part of the landscape: feeding into it, and in turn being shaped by it.

This Knight, then, is attached to his environment, cares for it.  He also enjoys material things: nice fabrics, sturdy boots, the warmth of the sun.  He's unlikely to go charging off on a quest based on a passion, romance or an idea, he's far too practical for that!

Hmm, I think the getting close to nature aspect of this card could be relevant to me today.  The spa I'm at is out in the country, and my friends and I normally make the most of it to walk beside a babbling stream :)

I am grateful for the many beauties of nature.


  1. A spa sounds lovely. Maybe someday if I save up I could go to one.

    I've looked at this deck and while I love colour, I find the images a bit nightmarish for me. Maybe that's not the right word, maybe it's 'disturbingly surreal.' I will enjoy seeing more of it here this week. :)

    1. Ha, I can get behind disturbingly surreal :) As for the spa, well worth doing some day...

  2. This knight is a strong man, rational and still, so free! His confidence in nature assures his flow and order.
    Carla, thank for your feedback, I am also looking forward to the next days cards! I understand that you find their first appearance confusing, maybe in a disturbing way. It is important to feel comfy in the company of the characters and colours of a deck, but it also offers you new layers to explore and what confuses you could be a good base for new discoveries!

    1. Hi Nora,
      I like what you say about his confidence in nature assuring his sense of flow and order. This is definitely a deck where reading the creator's perspective adds a lot to the images :)