Monday, 5 August 2013

Creative Mother

Today, we have another of the interesting Majors from the Deck of the Bastard (Tarot by Seven, 2013), the Empress.

Her clothes are very ornate: from a square-necked, blue bustiered top with pink epaulettes, to a sumptuous, green skirt and a red cloak draped across her lap, all with gold trim.  She wears a golden crown with red jewels that match those between her breasts.  And in her left hand she holds a ruby-tipped sceptre, while in her right she has a shield with a red eagle device, a la Thoth.

She is less of an abundant, sensual and generous figure than the RWS Empress, yet more natural than the Thoth.  The colours of her clothes do suggest fertility: for example with the red of the cloak in her lap speaking of passion, and the green of her skirt indicating growth.  There is also an ability to communicate about tender emotions in the pink and blue of her top.

It doesn't surprise me much to see the Empress to represent my day.  Big Boy has another hospital appointment, for a third issue unrelated to the two last week.  Today, it will require spending about four hours shut in a small cubicle, with him unable to move more than about a metre from the monitor that will be checking him out.  Hmm, a five year old tied to a machine for four hours, now that will take some creativity to keep him going stir-crazy!

I am grateful for toys and gadgets to act as distractions.

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