Monday, 12 August 2013

Family Celebration

It's funny, Carla from Rowan Tarot commented on the first card from this deck saying I could probably draw something better myself.  I don't think it's true, but I do notice the zentangle aspects of these cards, though I'd never heard of zentangle when I first got Lisa Chow's Oracle Tarot Deck (self-published, 2012).

Today's card certainly has aspects of that in the repeating patterns in the corners, and the shapes that make up the rainbow.  Despite the underlying simplicity, I think this is a wonderful image for the Ten of Cups.  A rainbow emerging from starbursts, with cups hanging down invitingly from it, and a celebratory banner/title beneath.  While there is no obvious sense of family here, certainly there is a feeling of celebration and emotional satisfaction.

My mum and stepdad are coming over to visit today, fitting nicely with the family happiness theme, and emotional satisfaction.  I am close with my mother, and have missed seeing her or speaking with her these last three weeks that she's been working abroad with little or no phone or internet connection.  It will be good to have some time to reconnect!

I am grateful for a loving and supportive relationship with my mother.


  1. I like this one, especially the little banner at the bottom. Nice take. These minors look so different to those courts you showed.

    1. I know, seeing the Minors and Majors I was entranced, which made my disappointment at the Courts all the starker, I think. I'm over it now, but it took a year ;D