Friday, 2 August 2013

Fiery Roar

What an interesting card to end our week with the Fire Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2011).

Here we have the King of Pentacles: a mighty lion roaring fire!  He stands on a stony mountain top, with other mountains barely visible in the distance, limned with golden sunlight.  Our lion is not only roaring out a torrent of fire, but his tail is a snake, writhing up with jaws open, ready to strike.  Scary!

I don't see any of the traditional associations to the King of Pentacles here.  No responsibility for others, no enjoyment of the sensual pleasures of life, no grounded praticality - the lion's paws are even up in the air.  Though I guess the actual act of roaring fire would be quite a physical sensation, more so than just roaring, which already vibrates through your whole body.  And with that fire he's spewing out, he could certainly mark the world around him.

For me, this is a reminder to chant in my meditation today.  I skipped it yesterday because by the time I had the energy and focus for it, the building site next door was so ridiculously noisy that I couldn't concentrate.  Today, though, I will remember to make it happen, whether before they start, in their lunch break, or in the evening.

I am grateful for the reminder that I am a soul in a physical body.


  1. These have been interesting to see, but I don't think I'd enjoy working with them. They are kind of close to tarot we understand and then a million miles away from it - neither one or the other. You've done a good job of breaking them in though. I just want to see what next week's deck is now, hehe.

    1. Yeah, I pretty much agree with that assessment, not one I'll be pulling out regularly :/ As for next week's deck, it's one I wasn't sure I'd like, but which has grown on me ;)