Thursday, 22 August 2013

Lennie Week 10 - Baralho Cigano

Today's deck comes from Brasil and isn't officially called a Lenormand.  Though it clearly is, with just one card totally different: the Clover has become Obstacles, talk about a volte face!  This is the Baralho Cigano published by feiticosaromaticos.  These are kind of hard to come by, the only source I've found in Europe is DeKeizerin in Holland, who speaks excellent English and is very helpful :)

I've been digging into the Brasilian-style decks recently, and find them absolutely fascinating.  Some of the more old-fashioned ones show several differences to standard Lenormands, other than the Clover thing.  For example, Whips becomes Magic, with ideas around mental coercion, rather than the purely physical or verbal abuse associated with the European variant.

These decks are called Gypsy Decks, and many in Brasil are now turning their backs on the traditional way of reading them, moving towards the 'European' Lenormand tradition, in part because of the realisation that they 'aren't really gypsy cards'.  I think it's a shame, though.  To me, it's like the fact that until recently many people believed that tarot cards in general had been brought to Europe by the gypsies.  It simply shows that the cards were seen as esoteric and exotic.

Christ over Rio de Janeiro
That there was a Brasilian method at all speaks to a long history with the cards.  I imagine them being taken over to Brasil by some scared German emigrés wanting to know what their journey to the New World would bring them. (I base this on the fact that Lenormand cards are originally German, that there was a strong German influence in Brasil, and on the fact that the Snake was seen positively, which is often the case amongst German writers).  I like the fact that they adapted the interpretations to the spiritual and religious beliefs of their new country, adding in connections to the Orishas, and making the Cross signify Victory.  How could it be otherwise in a country with a 40m statue of Jesus? ;)

Anyhow, today's deck is a more modern Baralho Cigano with only one renamed card, which doesn't appear in this draw.  Instead, we have Stars, Mice, Mountain, Letter.

Riffing on these may be hard, as I get such a clear message straight off: undermined technology is a barrier to messages - sounds like internet trouble to me!  Here's hoping you can read today's post :o

I guess it could also be a message about relationships: hope is undermined by blocked messages.  Communication is so key to making things work!

Altogether, this makes me think about just how dependent on the internet I have become.  I'm plugged in for hours each day.  If it's not email, it's Facebook, and if it's not Twitter, then it's blogs.  I love the ability to communicate with friends around the world with common interests.  Still, I do sometimes wonder what my life would be like without it...

I am grateful for the internet, in all its guises.

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