Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Lennie Week 10 - Magpie 3

For today's post, we're back to the wonderfully tangible Magpie Oracle (2013), and another cast using one of Carrie's downloadable sheets.

Once again, I threw rather than sprinkling, this time ending up mainly on the other side of the sheet *doh*

House 8 - What you are ready to end: Tree - health concerns.
House 14 - This will add to your strategy: Stork - making progress/moving location.
House 15 - This gives you strength and power: Dog - friends/ loyalty/a faithful partner.
House 22 - It's time to make a decision about this: Heart - love/relationships.
House 23 - This is what's gnawing at you: Clouds+Bear - worries about nutrition or weight/confusion about where your strengths lie/ambivalence about your boss.
House 24 - This is what's at the heart of the matter: Boat+Snake+Sun - travel with a woman to sunny climes/nostalgia for a clear path, unencumbered by the twists of life/a foreign woman brings happiness.

House 30 - Tranquility is created through: Letter - journalling/a message.
House 31 - You can tap into success through this: Bouquet+Garden+Man - a public connection with a creative man/the social graces of a man/social attractiveness coupled with a determined, rational approach.
House 32 - Fame and honors are gained through: Key+House+Lily - comfortable security and peacefulness/insights into keeping the peace at home/a successful brothel ;)

And again, there's an awful lot there.  This is one of the reasons I tend to stick to smaller spreads on this blog.  Firstly, because it's hard to apply all of this in a general way.  And secondly, because I don't want to bore people with extremely long posts.

Certainly, there are once again quite a few points that speak to me.  After Big Boy's time in hospital, I'm really ready to put health concerns behind us for a while *fingers crossed*  Going away for the weekend could be the Storks strategy, getting a bit of distance from all this hospital time, and I'll be with a couple of foreign women who make me happy - my two closest friends in Spain.  I'll admit, the way things are, I'm feeling that some of my strengths have changed, and I'm not sure what this bodes for the future.  Still, friendship is a great resource to help sustain me, and I always find journalling helpful :)   Not sure about fame and honours, they're not something I normally think of myself as seeking.  Yes, the Celtic Lenormand is putting me out there a bit, but for the most part I'd rather be peacefully at home meditating and seeking insights into life...

I am grateful for lots of material to think and journal about.


  1. 'Peacefully at home meditating...' Ah yes! I am so with you there!

    Have you thought of maybe closing your eyes pouring out only a few of the charms into your hand (so you can't feel what they are with your fingers) and then holding the hand high over the chart and just sort of dropping them with a flourish? :)

    1. Hmm, guess I'll have to give that a go, too :)