Saturday, 17 August 2013

Lennie Week 10 - Magpie Oracle 1

This Lennie Week we have something rather different.  This is the Magpie Oracle, by Carrie Paris.  Being someone who loves shiny things, innovation and the Lenormand, this ticked all my boxes!  Carrie has gone round sourcing charms to represent each of the Lenormand cards, and bundled them up in a drawstring bag, inside a lovely tin.  You can go to her website to download casting sheets, too, which she changes regularly.  The only bad news is that these are sold out until next year, though she will be bringing 30 over to the UK Tarot Conference in October :)  Of course, you could try creating your own, but I imagine the cost, time and effort would be considerable, and Carrie has found such cute charms, well, I'm sold!

So, I decided to dedicate every other day of this Lennie Week to this 'charming' oracle (yeah, sorry, couldn't resist).  For today, I did a cast with one of Carrie's casting sheets.  I think, for future uses, I'd try a shake-and-sprinkle approach, as a shake-and-chuck resulted in quite a one-sided reading both times I did it.  On the sheet, each 'House' has a little phrase to describe it - basically, it's like reading a Grand Tableau, but without all the positions filled.

Apologies for the blurry photo!
House 1 - Current message: Owls - time to make a phone call/beware of anxiety caused by your own nervousness.
House 2 -What brings luck: Tower+Anchor - working with an institution.
House 3 - What you offer to the journey and it to you: Woman+Coffin - female intuition and endings/women's troubles.
House 9 - The gift you give is: Cross - an ability to bear burdens/faith.
House 10 - Be cautious of: Bear+Sun+Heart - overeating, using up all your energy, and wearing your heart on your sleeve/strong sun and heartburn.
House 11 - How you might be punishing yourself: Ring+Mountain - by committing to tasks that are a real slog.
House 12 - This is what's being said via the air waves: Fish - time to make some money/a fair exchange is required.
House 19 - Self-rule brings: Dog - faithfulness/loyalty to self/good friends.
House 27 - A memo brings: Moon - emotional messages/fame.

Although there's a lot to process there, I really like this casting method.  Lots of information, lots of possibilities.

I was definitely struck by the 'what brings luck', having been so involved with working with US Games this last week.  And the question of what I offer to the journey and it to me, I like the idea of me offering my feminine intuition, and the journey offering me endings - I'll be glad to finally be able to say I've finished my part of the Celtic Lenormand: it's been a long journey.  How I might be punishing myself has a real 10 of Wands feel to it, and I love the message about self-rule.  I also laughed at the House 12 message.  At first it made no sense to me, but then I saw a post about  De Pepi's Magazine being out.  I'm an affiliate, so it was a reminder to post about this, as there is, once again, loads of interesting stuff in the magazine.  Insights into the forthcoming Whimsy Lenormand, a Japanese Culture Oracle, the Gypsy Palace Tarot, and much more!

I am grateful for endings that are hard-earned.


  1. Ironic that you're using this oracle, as I spent a good 3 hours yesterday searching for two particular charms that I'd suddenly decided I have a keen need for. Fruitless!

    It sort of reminds of an idea I had recently to draw or paint simple images onto stones and make a Lenormand Rune set. :)

    1. Ha, yes, sourcing charms can be such a pain. And the ones Carrie has chosen are a lovely mix - some very simple, some cute, some innovative.

      I like the idea of your rune set, that would be interesting to see... :)

  2. Well, I just found out about this a few days ago, and was utterly dismayed to see it has sold out. I would love a copy, and can't wait until I get one next year. Thank you for posting with it, it just looks so yummy and shiny and dear to my gypsy heart. Enjoy :)

    1. Ha ha, Monica, I'm just the same - shiny = irresistible :D And it works really well as an oracle, too!