Friday, 23 August 2013

Lennie Week 10 - Magpie Oracle 4

For this last day of our Lennie Week, we have one final reading with the charming Magpie Oracle (self-published, 2013). There are a couple of items that must have been really hard to find, and so Carrie has made a few substitutions or adaptations.  For example, there's a little pyramid for the Mountain, and a coiled rope for the Whip.  Likewise, the Scythe has become an Axe, and the Fox has been substituted by what looks to me like a Cat.  I found that last one a little confusing at first, given how many Lenormands these days include an extra Cat card.  However, it does make a certain sense, as Regula Fiechter (a well-known and prolific German writer on the Lenormand system) says of a traditional deck that you can use the Fox card to represent a cat if doing a reading around a pet.

On to the draw, and keeping it simple (at least compared to a full cast), I just drew five charms from the bag: Moon, Book, Letter, Cat/Fox, Ring. 

Secret emotions are expressed to a friend with good instincts, who knows how to keep a promise.
Fame comes from writing a book about deceitful promises.
Evidence of knowledge about emotions is tied up with the ability to become self-employed (becoming a counsellor, for instance).
Beware, hidden emotions can mean your reading of a deceptive contract is superficial.

The first of these rings true for me today.  I'm off for a spa weekend with a couple of very good friends, and I'm sure we all have secrets we'll share in person, not having seen one another for a couple of months.

I am grateful for good friends.


  1. Ohh I love your draw and thoughts. I brought my Magpie camping at the lake. Working on a review and playing a bit with them.

    1. That sounds like a lot of fun, Maggie! Though I might be worried an actual magpie would see the shiny trinkets and come and steal one for its nest :D Will look forward to reading what you think of it...