Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Lennie Week 10 - Mystique d'Epoque

Today, we're back to one of my favourite Lenormand's, used with kind permission from the creator, Pepi Valderrama.  This is the Mystique d'Epoque Lenormand (2012).  It's a lovely deck with clear, fun images, and several delightful extra cards, such as the Monkey ;)

For today, I drew Storks, Clover and Ship.  Brainstorming on these gives me:

A lucky business move.
A lucky move overseas.
A baby brings happy nostalgia.
Synchronicities around travel and moving home.
Happiness due to home renovations and a holiday.

The last one chimes with me most, though it's not so much the fact of the home renovations (going on in the building next door) as of getting away from them by taking a little trip that has me feeling lucky.  I'll get to see two of my besties, and escape the racket for a couple of days - bonus!

I am grateful for a spa weekend with my girlfriends.


  1. That sounds like fun. Hope your BB's hospital visit went well.

    1. Well, other than him having developed a nurse phobia, and fighting sleep for fear of waking up somewhere he doesn't know and in pain, it was overall successful. His breathing is
      better and he's less snotty, so that's a double good thing.

      Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Ooooo, I hope a massage is included! :)

  3. Oh...very glad you are going to get a well-deserved break!! Have an awesome time with your friends. xxooo

    1. Thanks, MM, I certainly plan to :)
      Have a great weekend, too! I'm loving that you've started creating again :D
      Hugs, Cxxx