Sunday, 18 August 2013

Lennie Week 10 - Vintage Stamp Lenormand Art Edition

For this Lennie Week, I'll be alternating traditional, card Lenormands with the Magpie Oracle.  Today, then, we have a line of three from Kelly Isara's Vintage Stamp Lenormand, Art Edition (self-published, 2013).

Kelly has renamed some of the cards, so that Scythe becomes Axe, Whips become Fan, Bear becomes Crown, Dog becomes Friend, Book becomes Knowledge, and Letter becomes Message. She has also added an extra card: the Teacup ;)  Here, then, we have Stars, Fox and Dragon (instead of Snake).

Deceptive technology requires taking a circuitous path.
Skillful guidance from a woman.
Seek clarity in dealing with treachery and seduction.

Hmm, I'm not sure why, but I see a different combination of the first two as being potentially relevant to me today: Deceptive guidance from a woman.  My MIL is coming over, and I wonder whether she might offer me some guidance that will be deceptively simple - she has a very practical approach to life.  Though, not having all the skills she has, it might not be quite so simple for me to put into practice... Ah well!

I am grateful for the wisdom of those around me.

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