Thursday, 8 August 2013

Looking Into The Depths

I'm glad to see a Court card from the Deck of the Bastard (Tarot by Seven, 2013) before we finish our week, as they are another of the more interesting features of the deck.

Here we have the Queen of Cups.  A woman with softly-curling blonde hair stands holding a large golden cup, into the depths of which she gazes.  She wears a golden crown and a green dress with red trim and underside, as well as a red and gold necklace.  While red and green aren't traditional Cups colours, I still think this works well.  Her underlying passion leads to the possibility of growth, all of this guided by her intuition and empathic understanding.

In the RWS Queen of Cups, the Queen has a lid on her cup.  She harnesses her emotions, and can access them at will, but does not have to show them to the world.  Here, there is a different feel.  Her gaze is so soft, it feels like she is deeply accepting of emotion, unafraid of its potential tumultuousness.

I see my therapist today, which is always an opportunity to gaze into that cup with a little less fear and a little more clarity.  I hope that these sessions allow me to use my emotions for growth, use them productively, rather than being overwhelmed by them.

I am grateful for a space to assess in kindness and without judgement.


  1. She does look lovingly into that cup and what it says to me is, that she is open to her emotions, she doesn't shirk them, she sees them for what they are and uses them to her advantage.It is by staying in touch with those emotions that gives her the ability to be compassionate and also to be creative.

    Love the colours on this card the red is next to her while the green is the outer layer, sort of says to me that there is a passion and a self confidence about her (red) that allows her to adapt while remaining balance enough to achieve her potential. (Green)

    The Queen is a no. 13 card which breaks down to 4 that's the no of stability and structure. This queen of cups uses her intuition in a caring way in her world. The green and the red compliment each other beautifully in this card - This Queen encourages a balanced approach to all things.

    Just my own thoughts - loved yours!

    I do hope you session went well for you today.

    1. Hi Helen, so sorry it took me ages to respond on here, don't know what happened with my inbox! I always love your perspective on the cards, and what you say about her gaze and the colours is beautiful. I also appreciate the numerological approach, I somehow always forget that with the Courts...
      Yes, the session went well, thank you. I find this therapist very helpful :)

    2. No worries, Chole I'm glad you liked my comment. ^_^