Thursday, 15 August 2013

Plant Pot

As the week with Lisa Chow's Oracle Tarot Deck (self-published, 2012) draws slowly to a close, we have a card from the Pentacles suit, which we haven't seen so far.

A prettily decorated plant pot holds some plants with tight buds and spiky leaves.  In amongst the foliage are three large pentacles.  They don't seem to be doing anything in particular, neither growing nor helping the plant to grow.  They seem more as though they are simply decoration scattered in amongst the greenery.

This is a far cry from traditional Three of Pentacles ideas about craftsmanship and teamwork!  The greatest craftsmanship seems to be in the plant pot itself.  Perhaps, then, it is the person who created the plant pot, and decorated the plant with Pentacles, that we are meant to think of with this card...  Or even, that those may have been different people, both contributing to a pretty display, as does the person who waters the plant.

At an intuitive level, I might also read this as a card of trying to grow, but being crushed by material responsibilities, as those pentacles seem rather too big for the plant to bear.

It's funny, this week I've been uploading stuff to Dropbox, for the team over at US Games to start work on.  So, I too am involved in a creative project where I am working with others, yet whom I've never met, who are on a different continent to me.  Hopefully, today I will send off the last of the images, and then there's just the final touches to the companion material to add before sending that off.  Not sure I'll finish it today, but it finally feels real :)

I am grateful for the ways in which I can work with others, without leaving my own home.


  1. Darn those heavy coins on the delicate plant! Hehe, I loved that interpretation. I hope all goes well with your project. Hope you're feeling good about it.


    1. Thanks, MM. It was the first thing I thought of, then I had to search around for traditional connections. Probably because I have been feeling weighed down by this project. It's a relief to have delivered all the images, and now I just have one last bit to finish up (though instead I've spent an hour reading blogs *doh*)

      Chloë xx