Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Rising Up

It's rather nice to get another Major from the Deck of the Bastard (Tarot by Seven, 2013).

Here we have Judgement, and I like this very different take to the RWS.  An angel looks down from a cloud above a scene with people standing around and sat at a table, talking amongst themselves.  The angel is sending out lots of flames of light, of inspiration, in all directions.  However, just a single person in a crowd sees the angel above and raises their arms and face up towards it. 

This speaks far more to the personal, individual nature of this experience, of feeling touched by the divine, or simply feeling a new inspiration, a calling.  This message is available to all, each in their own way, yet not everyone is willing or prepared to hear the message at any given time.  The card says, though, that there is an opportunity to be touched by grace, to feel inspired and raised up, to see life from a totally new perspective.

I doubt it will be a totally new perspective I bring to life today, this being a daily draw.  Yet, I do hear a calling today.  I slept well last night, hence this later-than-normal post, and so I hope to have the inspiration to finish up the Celtic Lenormand companion book.  I'll need to listen to that inner guidance to decide what is right to include, and do some editing, but it feels so close I can touch it now!

I am grateful for inspiration.


  1. Well I was not so lucky with sleep, and am having a hard time forming a coherent thought. However! This Judgement card artwork is nice, I have to agree. And per your comment to me about Lenormand I've done some investigating. I love the design of the Celtic deck you're working on. I'll have to keep tabs on your progress, because it looks wonderful so far (was over at the Celtic Lenormand site)! :)

    1. Glad you like the look of it, Olivia! As I said, if you're into language, I think you'll like the Lenormand system, as it has a semantic component that pings the intuition a little differently :)

  2. Yay!!!

    Glad you can see the finish line of the Celtic Lenormand book nearby! You deserve to see some happy finish lines.

    Lots o' Hugs,

    1. Thanks, MM! Didn't get much done today, but I'm still hoping to send it all off by the start of next week - woo hoo!
      Hugs galore,