Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Devil Is In the Details

Today's card from the Gypsy Palace Tarot (Nora Huszka, 2013), is rather an interesting take on the Devil: there is no obvious Devil figure in it!

Instead, we have four people in front of a cloth held up from its top corners. The people are all naked or semi-naked.  The green person on the left seems ashamed, trying to hide his or her body.  Next is a small, plump, pink woman with one arm being held up by the green figure, the other hooked up by a branch or rope.  Based on her expression, she's not happy about it!  Next along we have a white woman (literally, rather than ethnically white) and a red man, who seem to be involved in a passionate tryst.  Though the guy does still have a blue loincloth on, so we're not talking full-on debauchery.

Overall, despite the missing namesake, there is a definite Devil vibe to this card.  People being tortured by shame or humiliation (or actual torture), and others in the throes of lust, entrapped by their own desires.  In all cases, except maybe the pink lady, these people could all just walk away from the situation, yet they don't.  For me, the Devil is about those inner demons that keep us locked into patterns that we know are unhealthy.

Often, I see my sugar addiction in this card, but I've been doing quite well on that front, at least at the level of not eating the stuff.  Not thinking, and even dreaming, about it is quite a different matter, though.  As the end of this detox draws into view, I wonder whether I'll be able to carry any of it into 'ordinary life', or whether I'll go back to my old patterns.  I think part of the question is, can I imagine life without chocolate, and do I want to?  I guess time will tell.

I am grateful to have time to think about my life choices.


  1. The Devil can take any form to tempt us- that's why it is so hard to recognize it! It is so good and suddenly you are bounded by fear or addiction.
    I think these characters (for me, The Devil is on the left side) really are there to show that you can get stuck in this hell, or even can just taste it and return with an important experience about our borders.

    1. Hi Nora, I like that idea of pushing our boundaries and learning from it, rather than just falling into a pit :)