Saturday, 31 August 2013

Tiger, Tiger

This week, we have another cute animal deck, of which there seem to have been rather a few this year.  The Animism Tarot by rainbowofcrazy is self-published through the GameCrafter. 

A big-pawed, soft-featured tiger sits on a rock, with a waterfall spilling itself down to either side of the big cat. With those paws, the tiger seems very grounded, yet it sits happily amid the spray of water from the cascade.  I also associate the power and dynamism of the tiger with Fire, a huge potential and drive that can spring into action at a second's notice.  Yet, for the moment, the tiger sits peacefully, no hint of motion to it.

I find this a lovely depiction for Temperance, with its balance of elements, of potential and peace.  It speaks to me of the calm Temperance promises when we find an equilibrium between all the different demands of our lives.

I hope I can find some of that equanimity today.  Though it's Saturday, I still have work to do before the end of the month :(  I could also do with some balance in my eating, which has been dreadful the last two days.  First, because I was nervous about the news I was waiting for, and then from relief that everything was okay, a kind of release valve :/

I am grateful for the chance to balance different aspects of my life: exercise and food, work and play.


  1. Sorry about the stress. I hope the news was good news?

    Hug, MM

    1. Yes, it was good news. Just, I'd been so worried about it that I was like a pressure cooker, and let off steam by eating *doh*

      Congratulations on your family's good news, too, lovely pics :)

      Hugs, CXX

  2. Hooray for good news, hooray for Temperance! :D HOORAY FOR SATURDAY!
    (I feel another chorus of 'Woo Hoo!' coming on!)