Sunday, 8 September 2013

Ball of Light

Today's card from the World Spirit Tarot (Llewellyn, 2001) is a beautiful one.

One of the things I love about this deck is the way that traditional elements are incorporated, but subtley altered.  For instance, the lemniscate above the woman and lion's head in this card isn't something mystical floating in the sky.  Rather, it is formed by a river split by a couple of islands.  For me, that adds in ideas about the infinite flow of emotion, and how we balance that, which is very appropriate for this archetype.

I also love the way the woman in this card isn't holding the lion's mouth open or closed, but rather seems to be tickling it under the chin (I've yet to meet a cat that didn't like that).  She is also sat with the lion curled around her, the two in perfect communion.  There is such a sense of unity here, combining the calm and the fierce, the vulnerable (and it doesn't get much more vulnerable than being naked in the claws of a huge, wild beast) and the powerful.

Another interesting touch is the tree on fire, reminiscent of the RWS Lovers card, and the snake.  Clearly references to the Garden of Eden, but an unusual combination.  That could be taken as combining masculine and feminine energies, as could the solar eclipse in the sky. 

And what do we get from combining these energies?  Well, the woman holds a sphere of light that seems to have something silhouetted within it.  Strength that combines intelligence with drive gives us the ability to create something new, something uplifting.  That creation may be a part of ourselves: we can create a new ability to cope with life with lightness of heart, for instance.  Or we can harness the positives of both subtlety and power to pour into a project or idea, using those strengths to draw others to our corner, persuade them, enlist them...

I have some persuading to do today, I only hope I can marshall logic and emotion in the right way to make my case.

I am grateful for passion and clarity.


  1. I also love his card for all the reasons that you mentioned, it's really nice. I believe the shadow in the orb is a mouse, as in the story of the Lion and the Mouse. It's a perfect fable about kindness, self-control, and inner strength:
    Nice deck so far! :)

    1. I thought it was a mouse, too :) But I hadn't twigged to the fable - nice catch, Olivia! As for the deck, I love it. Despite the black borders, it's vibrant and warm :D